Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sonth aur Gond ke laddu (ginger & gum)(postnatal dish)

Rajasthani winters are mild and short.  It's a season that people lovingly complain about.  Razaais and heaters are dragged out of storage and used as a matter of fact.  Out of the blue, fairs and Tibetan bazaars pop up selling colorful shawls and sweaters and the food?  Well, of course the food too changes.  There is no better time in the year to unabashedly enjoy Jalebis for breakfast and Malapdas (or Malpuas) for lunch. The common excuse for such excesses is that the body needs to generate heat to somehow battle the cold and what better way to generate heat than consume high calorie foods.  Well whether or not these claims are true, it is true that these laddus are high in calories.  Also, the ginger in these laddus is a common "heat releasing" ingredient.  One important thing to note is that these laddus are commonly prepared for post-natal women, most likely due to the high calorie content.
Wheat flour 2cups
Powdered sugar 2 cups
Dry coconut powder 1 cups
Almonds powder coarsely ground  1 cup
Gond or dink coarsely ground   1/2 cups
Dried ginger powder    1/2  cup
Coriander powder       1/4 cup
Ghee 2 cups
In a pan melt ghee and stir in wheat flour.  Roast until it  is  golden in colour.

                                         Roasted wheat flour  

Now add gond powder and stir. Once it starts sputtering, add coconut powder and powdered almonds.  Switch off the flame. All of this should be completed withing two minutes.  Keep stirring for two more minutes.

Gond popping up

Once gond starts popping up add coconut. After about ten minutes when the mixture is still warm add ginger powder and coriander powder and sugar.
                                  mixture ready to shape laddu

 Stir well. Now taking small amount of mixture and pressing in between your palm make the laddus. Store in an airtight container. These can be stored for 15 to 20 days.

Tips  :-
Almonds, Gond and coconut should be coarsely grounded. This will release a nutty flavour when fried. Ginger and coriander powder should be used as a fine powder.

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