Sunday, October 26, 2014

           Pickle red chilli

Winter is at our door step and with this the new crop of chillies is getting ready.
These juicy  chillies before getting dried can be pickled with few simple ingredients.


10      Fresh red chillies.      
100gms methi seeds
2 tab spoon kalonji (onion seeds)
25 gms amchur powder
2 tab spoon turmeric powder
4 tab spoon salt
1/2 teaspoon hing powder
1/2 cup oil

Clean chillies with a towel and slit vertically.Mix all spices except hing and oil.
Stuff chillies with these spices and put in a clean dry glass jar .
On third day with the moisture of chillies it will become moist and methi seeds will become soft.then heat the oil remove from fire .After two minutes add hing to oil.When oil reaches to room temperature  pour into the pickle.Within next two days pickle will be ready to eat.


Select fresh chillies .
For convenient use chillies can be cut into two or three pieces before stuffing spices.
Always keep pickle covered with oil to keep it fresh.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Coconut laddu


Diwali is round the corner and everybody is surfing for sweets and snacks which can be made quickly and easily.Here is one such sweet.The ingredients are very few .

 1cup  Fresh coconut grated
 1cup     sugar
2 tab spoon   ghee
1 can      milkmaid
Grate the coconut better with the help of a coconut grater as this will prevent the brown peel .

Now fill this grated coconut in a cup by pressing it hard in the cup.In a thick bottemed or nonstick pan pour 2 or three tab spoon ghee and add grated coconut .On slow fire start roasting it till it is pink .Now add milkmaid and start roasting again stirring well.after few minutes add sugar and again let the sugar melt and when it is of thisk consistency then remove from fire .Let it cool .Then roll onto
equal size  of laddus.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Marwari dhokala with wheat flour

                                                                    Marwari dhokala


    2cups  Wheat flour
    1/2 cup rice
    1/4 cup chanadal
    1/ 4 cup moong dal without skin
    1/4 cup. Toor dal

    Red chilli powder
     Finely chopped green chillies
     Finely chopped green coriander
     Coriander seeds
      Finely chopped ginger

     garam masala
     4table spoon Ghee.
     Baking soda or papad khar

Soak all dal and rice for one hour in water.Now in a pan boil 2 cups of water and add baking soda or papad khar
In another pan mix wheat flour and soaked dal and rice.Add all spices and ghee.Mix well .Now knead the mixture with the boiled water .Use a wooden spatula for kneading .When it is kneaded well then grease your palm and shape dhokala .At a time take one ball of the kneaded mixture and shape like a flat round and make a whole in the centre.In a steamer boil 3cups of water and put all these dhoklas and steam for at least 30 minutes .Let it cool for another 15 minutes still covered with a lid. Dhoklas are  ready to serve .
Pour a teaspoon of ghee over the dhokla plate before serving.These should be eaten while hot .

Tastes yummy when served with a dollop of desi ghee over it.
But weight watcher please be careful