Wednesday, October 9, 2013

mooli (radish) paratha

Paratha is the Indian bread which is shallow fried.The main ingredient for this is wheat flour.For variation different stuffing is used.Like gobhi,mooli,methi,besan potato etc.

today we will make mooli paratha.

Ingredients required 

1 1/2 cup wheat flour
1 medium size mooli grated
2 tabspoon besan
a pinch of hing powder
1 teaspoon red chilli powder
salt to taste
oil for shallow frying
squeeze the water from radish.In a pan heat 1 tab spoon oil and add hing and then add besan.stir well and after 2 minutes when besan is roasted and start giving good aroma then add grated radish and stir and switch off the flame .Let this mixture cool .This is the stuffing.

In a vessel knead the flour to roll out the paratha.Make 10equal balls .now roll a chapati of 4" diameter and then place a ball of stuffing in the centre of this chapati.Cover it from sides to make a round ball out of it.roll it into a paratha and shallow fry it on a tawa. Serve it with chutney ,pickle and yogurt.

Saturday, October 5, 2013


With same ingredients one can make so many varieties of dishes .Is not it amazing?
I will be making gujiyas today which is prepared mostly during festivals .These are not easily available in shops except during holi at few places.
Ingredients required

125 gms maida
50 gms mawa
25 gms sugar powder
25 gms ghee for Moyan
Ghee for frying
2 teaspoon cardamom powder
4 tab spoon sliced almonds and pistachio
Making stuffing

In a thick bottom pan roast mawa on slow burner till it turns pink and gives a good aroma .Let it cool and mix sugar powder and sliced dry fruits and cardamom powder.

Covering for gujiya

Mix ghee in maida and rub in between two hands till ghee is thoroughly  mixed with maida.Now knead the maida with little water and make a dough of puri consistency.  Cover the dough with a moist cloth for 20 minutes.Knead and reknead it to make it a soft dough.Make 12  equal balls out of

this dough.Roll these into a 3"diameter puri.With a spoon put stuffing in the centre and fold it to get a shape of semi circle.Sealthe edges with the help of water and pressing it.Now keep on turning the edge in single direction to give a shape to the edge.Make all gujiyas this way and keep aside.In a thick bottom pan heat ghee for frying .Fry gujiya in a slow heat till these are golden brown.
Let these gujiya cool and then store in an airtight container.Should consumed in a week.
Happy Diwali to all.

Gujiya molds are in market and can be used for making but I prefer the shape given by hands.