Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lauki/Ghiya/Dudhi ke Kofte ki Sabji

Lauki or the white gourd is a very easy to digest vegetable.It is rich in vitamin B and C. We can cook it as a simple sabji.It can be mixed with yogurt to make raita.Lauki halwa is also very tasty and is easy to make.But this kofte ki sabji is really very yummy.
This dish can be prepared in two steps

                                            Grated Lauki

1   making of koftas

2   Preparing gravy

Ingredients required:-
One lauki of medium size
one cup besan
ginger and green coriander leaves

red chilli powder
dhania powder
turmeric powder
one cup yogurt
two medium size tomatoes
oil to fry
        Making koftas

                          Grated lauki+Besan+Spices                  

                                                           Kofta Dough ready to fry

Peel and grate the lauki
Cut tomatoes in half inch pieces .
Cut two green chillies in pieces
mix  the besan and 1/2 teaspoon  each of  salt, red chilli powder,cummin seeds to grated lauki.and stir well.No water is required as the juice released from lauki will hold besan.
In a kadahi put oil and fry small balls of this paste which has a consistency of pakora.on a medium heat.Take the balls out when these are golden brown.Koftas are ready.

Turn off the burner .

Ready to take the plunge

Making gravy  
Make tomato puree in a grinder by adding diced tomatoes and a piece of ginger and pieces of green  chillies.
In the remaining oil put one teaspoon of salt,chilli powder,dhania powder,and 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric
 powder, a pinch of hing powder and  pour tomato puree.Stir for a minute and then  add yogurt. Now mix well with a spoon and stirr. When this mixture starts leaving oil  then add two cups of hot water. Let it boil and add fried koftas .Let it cook for three minutes .Switch off the flame and cover the pan.After five minutes open and garnish with finely chopped coriander,green chillies and ginger finely chopped.  Sabzi is ready to serve.It can be served with hot paratha, roti or rice.


After adding salt to grated lauki do not keep the mixture for long.This will make lauki to release it's moisture content and  it will change the consistency of dough.

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